Collection: John B Vallely Art

A series of 12 new limited edition signed prints by JB Vallely. R

JB Vallely is one of Ireland's most productive painters. Born in Armagh in 1941, it is that city which he has made his home and in which he has raised his family and produced the bulk of his work.  Unlike his illustrious artistic predecessor there, John Luke, he has given most of his visual attention not to place or topography, but to people.  And, rather like William Conor's dancers, JB Vallely's subjects are not passive either.  They are busy, and engaged in specific things, all of these to do with aesthetic and psychological endeavour.  The greater theme in his work is Traditional Music, another significant dimension is sport, and there are lesser tropes around aspects of culture such as mythology, history and customs.

These prints are a celebration of JB Vallely's life and work.  The works presented are but a small part of his output, but have been chosen to display variations in topic, stylistic execution and chromatic variation in the painter's engagement with his community through art.