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Niall Vallely - CD Rom Concertina Tutorial

Niall Vallely - CD Rom Concertina Tutorial

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Learn to play the concertina with Niall's CD ROM concertina tutorial. Video and audio files combine with music notation, text and photos to make the learning process as easy as possible. The tutorial caters for all levels from the absolute beginner to very advanced players. The tutorial also includes a performance piece and an interview with the tutor.
In the beginners' section the Anglo-concertina keyboard is simplified by initially dividing it into sections, and Niall demonstrates the basic skills of playing the instrument using easy, slow-paced tunes. Jigs and Reels are then introduced and ornaments are added gradually. The individual parts of these tunes are demonstrated on video at a slow pace and the full tune is subsequently demonstrated at a medium pace so that you can play along.
The advanced section features jigs and reels that are more highly ornamented. The scope of the tunes is broadened and the extensive keyboard is fully explored. Niall also introduces ornamental techniques unique to his style.

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